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Inviting Triple A was a very good decision for OLX Kenya. He was extremely engaging and had great command of the content. The content was also very relevant from beginning to end of the three days. His high level of energy permeated through the audience and also kept them engaged and attuned. Lastly, kudos to him for great delivery to a Kenyan audience and managing to build rapport easily. Despite the cultural difference everyone easily connected to him as a person and his style of coaching.

Faye Aberi Executive at OLX Kenya.

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Coach Triple A


Ade A. Adefemi (Triple A as he is so fondly called), is a UK certified Life Coach. A Performance Management Strategist, Executive Development Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Leadership Expert and Youth Minister. The Lead Coach and C.E.O of Performance Warriors Ltd & PH Consulting, (Phenomenal House Consulting). He is a member of the prestigious International Coaching Federation (ICF), An Accredited Management Trainer/Consultant and a UK Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programme Practitioner, he also a successful Brand Strategist and Marketing Communications Consultant by Night.


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In 2016, I had just gotten a promotion and while I was excited, I was also anxious. Scared more like cuts it. I worried about how I will fit and perform on my new job because it was a new field entirely. Thankfully, I went for a Coaching engagement and met Triple A and even though we just met, he totally got it. He made me realize that I was doubting myself and that fear had nothing on me. He helped me diagnose the root cause of my worry and helped identify steps to take to ensure that I not only conquered my fears but totally rocked my job. His coaching helped keep me focused and I led my team to winning some major awards a few months later. Triple A totally rocks!!!

Akaoma Onyeonoru (CSR Executive).

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Triple A is an Incredible Performance Coach. He has deep insights about the Art, Science, Psychology and Physiology of Peak Performance. Having worked with him for several years I can categorically say that Triple A is an ASSET.

The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola

Sagi Kalev once said "A great coach tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear"

Coach Triple A pushed me to write out my Vision for (Home of the Indulgence) and also helped me to understand the difference between goals and vision via his YouTube videos.

Before meeting Coach Triple A, I had an idea of where I was going (vision) but I honestly did not have a road map to achieving it but now, my case is different.

Ilefe Ozigbo (Fashion Entrepreneur and Celebrity Fashion Accessories Stylist).

Amazing Peak Performance Coach

Nike Adeyemi

I heard coach Triple A on radio, (BEAT 99.9fm Lagos) I was glued to my radio till the show was over because I realized the man understands the concept of goal setting, his tips about PERSONAL growth are so Amazing.

He offered some very thought provoking ideas, very practical in pivotal areas of my life , attending his workshop "GETSET 2017" made me realize you don't have to over work your self to achieve your goals but make sure you do one thing that moves you towards your goals everyday. He said, "little but consistence efforts makes a radical difference". That's so true!!! Thank you Coach Triple A.

Fliptyce (A-list Music Producer)


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