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Ade A. Adefemi
Ade A. Adefemi
Ade A. Adefemi

These People Have Changed Their Lives

Having a session with Coach Triple A came at the right time in 2017. I was coming out a scaring experience that had the capacity to keep me stuck in depression. Speaking to him when I did help me put my fears in perspective and began to live in the opposite of the fears I had. Now the later part of 2017 doesn't look as dreary as I thought. Plus he keeps checking in. Thanks Coach.

Ebubechukwu Ajah - Interior Designer & Entrepreneur.

Clarity! Working with Coach Triple A helped me realise the much needed clarity setting up my business requires. He helped me connect the dots I had not previously connected. He is a coach who isn't just interested in you as a business but as a person. He has a palpable passion for what he does and an infectious energy that is contagious. You can't be coached by Triple A and remain the same. – -

Olawunmi Esan - Sex Coach

Prior to meeting Coach Triple A, I didn't understand what coaching and all that should be about. On meeting him, I realized how important it is to have a coach and how having a professional opinion on what your ideas are can help you fine tune what you have in mind.

Engaging Coach Triple A in the few sessions that we've had, has helped me put in clear terms who I am, what I want to achieve and the purpose behind my discontent with my current status.

He has also helped me to redirect my business strategically and clarify some cobwebs in my head concerning my emotions. Using a coach like him makes your life easier and helps you to find your path faster.

Tope Mark Odigie - (Leading Make Up Entrepreneur & TV Personality)

Sagi Kalev once said "A great coach tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear"

Before meeting Coach Triple A, I had an idea of where I was going (vision) but I honestly did not have a road map. Coach Triple A pushed me to write out my Vision for (Home of the Indulgence) and also helped me to understand the difference between goals and vision via his YouTube videos.

Ilefe Ozigbo (Fashion Entrepreneur and Celebrity Fashion Accessories Stylist).

No one is an Island, Everyone needs a Coach!!